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 NKR and AKGA Breeder Member

Breeder - 100% New Zealand Kiko

         Goats Registered Stock

  Kiko herd tested negative 2021

        2022  CL, CAE and Johnes

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Red Devon USA Breeder Member

Breeder - Red Devonshire Cattle

           Registered Stock

Red Devon's reputation " the finest          beef on pasture alone"

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Building a farm life in Western North Carolina since 2016, We are a husband & wife team working the farm together. It's been amazing, adventurous, heartbreaking and uplifting.

We have been favored with beautiful, healthy livestock, green pastures full of life and peaceful places to rest the mind.

Here at Grace to Glory Farms our top priority is raising healthy livestock.  We take animal husbandry to heart, and we let nature take the lead.


Our animals are raised on pastures and wooded paddocks. We practice rotational grazing and have found this to be the best method for us in maintaining the health of our animals while having the added benefit of restoring our once degenerated land.


Everyone has their own approach, things you'll do and some you won't.  We do not use chemicals or pesticides of any kind on our land or our animals. We use herbs and other organic substances made in nature to control parasites. Animals have fresh water and appropriate minerals 24/7.


We raise Kiko meat goats, we do not sell goat meat on the farm, we sell breeding stock. We have a small herd of Red Devonshire cattle and sell the beef in whole, half or quarter sections.

From April - September you can purchase pastured poultry raised and processed on our farm. Lastly, we have free range chickens who are generous egg layers, so we offer their eggs for sale.

New to our farm are Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Our plan is to grow out a herd so we can offer raw milk herd shares hopefully starting in 2023.

We don't vaccinate our animals; we feel that on our farm it's not necessary like it may be on larger farms or feed lots.


Whether you buy our grass-fed beef, goats' milk, pasture raised chickens or eggs you can trust they are all natural.

Hayesville, North Carolina


Grace to Glory Farms, NZ Kiko goat, grass fed beef
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